Admissions are ongoing for the academic year 2024 – 2025

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M.Phil - Computer Science



  • The department has many ways to access the Unix and Windows on campus networks, which include classrooms and open labs for general use.
  • Well configured Intel Computers are installed with the latest software.
  • To ensure students are well equipped for performing any required task.


A Pass in M.Sc. – Computer Science or M.Sc. – Information Technology or M.C.A


  • To produce students who are experts in their related fields and are able to work independently with supervision from highly qualified supervisors.
  • To produce students who are very knowledgeable and theoretically sound and are able to apply these for the analysis and solution of problems where these leads to new or substantially improved insights and performances.
  • To produce students who can think critically and creatively thus capable of generating and developing new knowledge, products, materials or methods for the benefits of mankind.
  • To produce students with excellent communication skills, capable of communicating effectively both technically and theoretically in various context and with various related parties, thus sharing new knowledge with other researchers from other institutions, universities and also industrialists.
  • To produce students who can adapt to changes in environment and practice lifelong learning.
  • To produce students with high integrity and who are ethically professional.
  • Duration : 2 years ( 4 Semesters)


EVEN Semester

  • To conduct Conferences or Seminar in January / February month of every year
  • To conduct Science Exhibition in January month
  • To conduct special Lecturer / Invitees talk about the recent trends of Computer Scientists.

ODD Semester

  • To conduct Guest Lecturer Programme in August of every year
  • To plan for Industrial visits in every September of every year
  • To conduct a Workshop in every September / October of every year

Job Opportunities

  • Multi-National Companies (MNC) like HCL,TCS, Wipro, CTS, Satyam etc…
  • System programmer / OS Developer
  • Integrated Software Testing
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Latest Trends in Information Technology
  • Social Media Jobs
  • Any On-line Jobs works
  • Web Host /Web Designer
  • Mobile Technology trouble shooter
  • Assistant Professor in Arts Colleges / Engineering Colleges
  • Lecturer in Polytechnics Colleges
  • Network Administrator
  • Data Analyser

Higher Studies

  • Ph.D